Interesting new watch debuting at the CES this week… Seems a lot like 70’s tv to me… I might wait for the newer versions and not test the waters on this one? What about you?

THE humble wristwatch became the latest gadget to receive a hi-tech overhaul at the world’s largest technology show yesterday, with several ‘smartwatches’ promising to deliver phone calls, messages, alerts and even Twitter updates directly to your arm.

The advanced wristwatches revealed at International CES in Las Vegas included the much-anticipated Pebble E-Paper Watch that raised a record $10.2 million from everyday investors at last year.

The Pebble watch was designed to connect to any Apple or Google Android smarphone to deliver SMS and phone call updates, email and calendar alerts, Facebook and Twitter messages, and featured an energy-efficient E-Paper screen that could be viewed in sunlight.

Pebble chief executive Eric Migicovsky told CES attendees despite a five-month delay, the smartwatch would begin shipping to buyers in late January and would include extra features.

“To some people, a smart watch is one of those Dick Tracy-esque devices that has the phone and everything integrated on to your wrist,” he said.

“To us, a smart watch is a connected device, which means it talks to your smartphone, it’s customisable and it can run different apps, and it’s sleek.”

Mr Migicovsky said the Pebble was now water-resistant, could control music on a phone, and featured a magnetometer for future GPS uses.

The high-profile watch was not the only smartwatch to feature at CES, however.

Bluetrek released an iPhone-compatible watch called Cookoo with a seemingly traditional clock face hiding light-up icons for phone calls, SMS and Facebook messages, calendar events and when the phone’s battery is low.

Bluetrek sales manager Willy Vong said the $US129 watch connected to an iPhone using low-powered Bluetooth and the watch could also be used for finding its host phone, taking photos and tagging locations.

“You press a button on the watch and you can ‘drop a pin’ on the virtual map,” he said. “You might do it when you park your car so you don’t lose it.”

Italian smartwatch maker I’m also furthered the trend by releasing new software for its I’m Watch that lets users add new apps to the touchscreen device.

The $369 I’m Watch can also play music and show photos taken with a linked phone.

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