While this has been obvious to me for quite sometime, at least how I use my smart phone, it is now proven in the case study below. More people use their smart phone to look for a local business than any other type of content, surpassing Social Media ie. Facebook, and Entertainment.

keynote activities performed smartphones tablets august2012 Mobile Activities [CHART]

While this is a little hard to believe, since those who use Social Media, use it all day long, people are not searching for places all day long.

That being said, this is a valuable piece of information for local businesses. If you are not mobile yet, using:

– Google +

– Mobile Websites

– Mobile Apps – for reoccuring business

– SMS marketing to keep in touch and bring in more business

You are leaving money on the table. The fact that the mobile revolution is upon us, and it is drastically less expensive than any other form of advertising; Yellow Book, Newspapers, Flyers (you need a lot of them) postage etc. For a fraction of what it would cost to have a traditional ad campaign, you can be much more effective to your audience using mobile.

To read the article in full visit http://trends.e-strategyblog.com  from David Erickson.

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