SMS/Text Messaging

If you have ever seen an episode of American Idol, you may remember how people voted for their favorite performer, “Text Your Vote Now” as Ryan Seacrest would say. This technology formally was available for big budget advertisers, not anymore. Take a look at the following video to perhaps give you a better idea of this great platform.

Quite simply the greatest form of advertising ever used to date. It represents nearly no waste of advertising dollars spent. Think about the following facts:

• You are sending a message to your existing customers who want your message
• The message is delivered at a high 97%
• 90% of those messages are read in the first 7 minutes
• SMS/Text messaging has also shown to cut no-shows for appointments by 30%
• SMS/Text message marketing is less expensive than any other form of advertising.

From the simple SMS/Text Campaign to drive customers to your establishment immediately or events, to appointment reminders for all types of business that create appointments; Health Clubs, Doctors, Lawyers, Spa’s, Schools and even restaurants, can use this service.

Go ahead, send a text to 72727 and place in the message body ddcnyc to better understand the power of text messaging. (US and Canada only)


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