SMS/Text Messaging

If you have ever seen an episode of American Idol, you may remember how people voted for their favorite performer, “Text Your Vote Now” as Ryan Seacrest would say. This technology formally was available for big budget advertisers, not anymore. Take a look at the following video to perhaps give you a better idea of this great platform.

Quite simply the greatest form of advertising ever used to date. It represents nearly no waste of advertising dollars spent. Think about the following facts:

• You are sending a message to your existing customers who want your message
• The message is delivered at a high 97%
• 90% of those messages are read in the first 7 minutes
• SMS/Text messaging has also shown to cut no-shows for appointments by 30%
• SMS/Text message marketing is less expensive than any other form of advertising.

From the simple SMS/Text Campaign to drive customers to your establishment immediately or events, to appointment reminders for all types of business that create appointments; Health Clubs, Doctors, Lawyers, Spa’s, Schools and even restaurants, can use this service.

Go ahead, send a text to 72727 and place in the message body ddcnyc to better understand the power of text messaging. (US and Canada only)
Mobile Websites-

Today it is not only needed to have a well rounded website but also to have a mobile friendly website. Have you tried to pull up your website on a mobile smart phone today? How does it look? Even if your site by chance appears well on your phone, does it have a click to call feature? Is the layout simple for someone to get all the information needed to simply call or visit vs. pinching, zooming or simply playing with your phone?

This is where you need a partner to show you what should be done, in a clean simple way to drive more business to your door. Businesses need to understand, while it is essential to have a website, a mobile web site is becoming more and more important. In fact it is now anticipated that 50% of all Internet traffic will be achieved by the end of 2012. Currently as of 1Q 2012, more than 1 out of 3 searches are on mobile phones. That’s a 33% chance you will lose a potential customer looking for you. See out blog entry that provides a bit more detail on this phenomenon.

If you have not figured out yet that Mobile Marketing is so big, over the next week, make some mental notes where you are and what other people are doing? Look around at people; waiting for their take out, waiting in a waiting room, walking on the street, sitting at the bus stop or on the bus, or anywhere where people can actually use their phone. The world is going mobile, are you ready? Let us show you how to leverage this new “here to stay” technology.

Mobile APPS

Visit our dedicated Mobile APPS site for further information as well as Mobile APP demos and videos –

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) 

Scan Me with your Smart Phone - Dynamic Digital Consulting, LLC

Scan Me with your Smart Phone!

This is a great way to make things easier for your clients, simply put your unique code on your print media, your billboard or even your business card, and your clients will have your information digitally provided on their device without typing a thing. Scan the QR code with your smart phone bar code reader to see what we mean. If you do not have a QR scanner on your smart phone, you can easily find one on the APP Market available to you.



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