Mobile Websites

Businesses need to remember your regular website for the Internet, is not made to be viewed on a mobile device, and if your potential customers want to find you, your site better be readable instantly, or you lose the battle to your competition.


Don’t be confused, a web developer can create a stunning looking mobile websites for your business with all the bells and whistles and it will look great. However, a business owner needs to understand that mobile websites are not meant to provide all the information on your business all though it can. If you have too much “Stuff” on your mobile website, your site may be slow to the average mobile browser unless developed correctly for certain businesses. In addition, while smart phones are becoming the standard we are not there yet. If  mobile websites are not optimized for viewing on most devices, businesses will lose potential customers.

Let us review your existing website or your existing mobile website and provide you with an analysis to make sure you are using mobile efficiently and efectively.

You can take a look yourself using our Mobile Websites Simulator by clicking here. Here you will get an idea of what your current website will look like on most of the popular phones on the market. Simply place your website address in the field provided.

If you have not figured out yet that Mobile Marketing is so big, over the next week, make some mental notes where you are and what other people are doing? Look around at people; waiting for their take out, waiting in a waiting room, walking on the street, sitting at the bus stop or on the bus, or anywhere where people can actually use their phone. The world is going mobile, are you ready? Let us show you how to leverage this new “here to stay” technology.

We are constantly developing new and better mobile websites for our clients and know that responsive mobile websites are better today than ever. Responsive sites allow clients to update their main site, and then have those change seamlessly translate to their mobile websites. It is imperative that businesses allow mobile websites as part of their overall business strategy, don’t be left in the dark, while your competitors take your customers you “could” have had if you had a mobile ready websites


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