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While doing some research on Mobile Apps, I landed on this great article about mobile apps and mobile web in general. If you are in my world you know that I say all the time everything is going mobile…. and most of you know that… but what I find interesting here is how certain quotes were listed, such as:
  • establish a presence on the Web first, then come up with a version of your service for mobile devices. 
  • It is a major change from just a few years ago, underscoring how the momentum in the tech world is shifting to mobile from computers
  • Ben Lerer, manager of the venture capital firm Lerer Ventures, said he preferred to back companies that were building services for mobile first and the Web second, because “businesses that are thinking that way are planning for the future.” 
  • Mr. Lerer was one of the early investors in OMGPop, a New York company that was close to shutting down until it had an overnight hit in Draw Something, a twist on Pictionary for the iPhone. Last month, OMGPop was snapped up for $200 million by the game company Zynga, which has been trying to reduce its dependence on Facebook-based games like FarmVille. 
  • “People are living in the moment and they want to share in the moment,” Professor Sundar said. “Mobile gives you that immediacy and convenience.” 
  • Companies that start with a Web site then try to shrink it into an app face a tough challenge. Screen space on mobile devices is at a premium. And to avoid turning off users, designers and developers have to cut back on clutter and streamline their services, avoiding slow load times and stuttering interruptions. 

Full article can be found here 

This reminds me, our mobile app is about to be released and our mobile website is also almost ready to the public…


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