Mobile APPS (Applications)

Mobile APPs are the little Icons you see on most Android and iPhone devices on the market today. There have been over 11 billion APPS downloaded since the creation of the iPhone in 2007. This seems to be doubling every 6 months.

Mobile APPs are useful Applications (like programs) that allow users to do many things quickly and simply, such as;

  • Banking
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Video
  • calculations
  • Education
  • etc

The Mobile APPs market was primarily dominated by the “Big Guys” those large corporations who could afford to spend 100’s of thousands of dollars to create and implement APP’s for their companies.

This is not the case today! Today Dynamic Digital Consulting, LLC provided the ability for you to have Mobile APPs for your business in a more affordable way that most small to medium size businesses can capitalize on this new exciting way to communicate with your customers and generate more business. Remember, Mobile APPs can be provided to your customers for FREE, they don’t pay per download, and neither do you. The more downloads the better to get the word out about your business.

Unlike a Mobile Website, where you are limited in what you can provide your customers, your can pack in features that a traditional Mobile Website cannot do efficiently and effectively for example:

  • Allow for reservations using existing services like Open Table
  • Provide Coupons using QR Codes, register and create loyalty programs
  • GPS directions right to your front door – your customers do not need a GPS in their car
  • Email Marketing and Capture
  • Push Messaging, sending out messages to everyone who has downloaded your Mobile APPs
  • Branding – This little Icon for your APP is always on their device as a reminder of your business
  • Can be used for both smart phones and tablets
  • Allow you the business owner to modify your specials and announcements at anytime
  • Be socially connected to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • YouTube / Video integration
  • Push To Call – they open your app and call you, no need to search for your number or save your number in their phone book
  • SHARING – This is one of the most vital features, your customers will share your Mobile APPs helping your business go VIRAL
  • Musicians can use SoundCloud or Podcast to share their latest productions
  • Photos taken at your establishment can be shared with others using social networks and others like Flikr
  • Surveys and Polls about your service
  • Tip Calculators
  • Mortgage Calculators

The above are only SOME of the huge amount of options you can use with Mobile APPs. Visit our dedicated Mobile APPs page to see some of our APPs in action, and schedule a meeting to review how an APP can be part of your business model

For a sample demo of a restaurant App, see below:


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