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It’s all about Mobile! Smart Phones, Tablets, etc… According to this article, in the US we are almost at 100% penetration among the B2B Market, that means Business People, and Decision Makers.

At DDC we do a lot of research, and quite frankly the speed of the mobile market is so fast, that the numbers provided in this article are “old” per say. They d show some great indicators though.

That being said, it is worth reviewing, as we create a mobile presence for businesses, and if you are not thinking about putting your company in the mobile space, you are leaving quite a bit of money on the table. Both Mobile Websites, and Mobile Apps are where the world is going AND FAST, talk to us for some advice and good luck!


B2B Marketers: Your Targets Are Mobile

MAY 29, 2012

Mobile advertising is a springboard into mobile content offerings


Business professionals are snatching up smartphones and tablets at a faster rate than the general US population as they look to these mobile devices for greater work efficiency.

“Given the near complete penetration of smartphones and high adoption rates of tablets among this key target audience for B2B marketers, it’s no surprise these devices have infiltrated the B2B purchase decision-making process. They are now used in all major phases of the buying cycle to save professionals’ time,” said Lauren Fisher, eMarketer analyst and author of the new report, “Mobile Business Professionals: Seeking Efficiency with Smartphones and Tablets.” “By establishing a mobile web presence and optimizing that presence to provide business professionals greater efficiency, B2B companies can more effectively reach and resonate with this decision-making audience.”

According to research from Oracle and Endeca, already in November 2011, nearly one-quarter of B2B ecommerce professionals around the world said the mobile web was one of the most influential touchpoints for their customers.


Most Influential Touchpoint for B2B Customers According to B2B Ecommerce Professionals Worldwide, Nov 2011 (% of respondents)


In June 2011, Compete and Google found that 28% of US B2B C-level executives used a mobile phone to research business purchases, compared to 25% of those outside the C-suite. On tablets, those numbers were 21% and 12%, respectively.


US B2B Executives Who Use Their Mobile Phone or Tablet to Research Business Purchases Online, C-Suite vs. Non-C-Suite, June 2011 (% of respondents in each group)


“This activity is significant for B2B marketers looking to capture potential buyers and decision-makers in the early stages of the purchase funnel,” said Fisher. “But simply solidifying a mobile presence isn’t enough for brands to win the consideration of B2B decision-makers. It is a mere springboard into the purchase funnel, where buyers will spend much time consuming this newly acquired information.”

Mobile device usage is additive, and marketers should look to build experiences that can easily transition across screens. Each activity should allow a seamless movement from mobile to desktop, where business professionals are still more inclined to perform late-funnel activities such as reading longer-form content or vetting vendors.




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