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Quick Response Code or as better know QR Codes have been used for many years and invented initially for the automotive industry in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota Denso Wave which tracked vehicles during the manufacturing process. The design was enabling the process of reading codes at a more rapid rate vs. traditional bar codes.

In 2013 with the hyper-growth of the smart phone, nearly all smart phones sold today have a QR Code / Bar Code reader preinstalled into the devices, hence allowing nearly everyone to carry a scanner in their pocket (if you don’t you can go to your APP Market, search for QR Reader FREE). The appeal and use has grown immensely, not only for product information, but once a QR Code is scanned the following information can appear on your device:

– Personal Business Cards – V-cards that include
– Phone Numbers
– Addresses
– Websites – URL
– Descriptions of Anything
– Company or Personal Websites (URL’s)
– SMS/Text information
– Event information
– Instructions
– Product information

Currently the use of a QR Code coupled with a Mobile APP allows for maximum functionality to:
– Download an APP
– Scan for coupons, on each visit to an establishment for a loyalty program, unlocks your “gift”
– For example a Car Wash can use the QR Code technology to track how many times a customer visits there store. After 5 scans, they get a free car wash
– Perhaps you remember Subway Restaurants? They used to provide a card, and for every sub you purchased they would punch your card with a unique punch. Following your 10th purchase, your sub would be free. This is essentially the same concept, only now it is digital and the customer carries their phone with them always and can scan a QR Code
– What could your business give away to your “loyal patrons”; entrees, appetizers, drinks, haircuts, spa visits, landscaping, flowers, greeting cards, dental cleanings, dance classes, hotel stays, checkups, toys, video games, paint, art supplies, furniture, electronics, home repair. What about business to business, Realtor Referrals, Contractor Referrals, Legal Referrals, Dental/Chiropractic/Medical, Auto Sales/Repair, the list goes on and on how a QR Code can be used

No matter what industry you are in, you have customers that will return, and you need to treat those customers right, QR Codes will help seamlessly.

Creating a QR Code can be a great way to increase your business when done effectively. A simple Table Tent or sign at your business providing additional information, about your website, your SMS/Text Program or better yet your APP will set you apart from your competitors. You can even place a QR Code on your website and print advertising.

Dynamic Digital Consulting, LLC creates APPs for businesses, and can incorporate QR Code technology for our clients. We can create a Table Tent or Small Poster for your establishment that provides direction for your customer and staff to scan your QR Code for your APP. You can then provide another QR Code to your front desk or counter person to allow scanning of a QR Code during their return visit. You could set up your APP to allow for one scan per visit (24 hrs, 1 week intervals). After your customer visits a certain amount of times, you can provide a free service or gift. It’s that simple!

Let Dynamic Digital Consulting show you how to implement QR Codes into your business plan.

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