Great video on Reputation Management for businesses. If you have a bad review online it is your duty to make sure you find out the root of the problem, and perhaps try to make amends to the consumer. Everyone makes mistakes and you cannot please everyone, but remember, if the review or reviews are bad and they start to collect online, it could ruin your business. There are several way to combat this, but you need to have an effective monitoring system, and a way to both increase reviews.

Lastly, a report recently revealed that if you have a bad review in the mix of your good reviews, you look like an honest company, and not one that has only good reviews. Again no one is perfect. Keep your reputation online good for you and your customers will follow suit. Let us know if you need assistance. It is not really that difficult to repair, but it does take work.

Check out this video from ABC News in LA.

Reputation Management Video ABC

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